Flying laboratory SOWA

Pollution tracking system for DRONE – SOWA flying laboratory


– Continuous Chemical Monitoring

– Sampling from Hazardous Sources

– Dust Monitoring

– Environmental monitoring

– Pollution maping



Dedicated for drone, vehicale or stationary use.

Above 30 chemical sensor on demand.

Built-in in HD camera with measurement results for precise drone operation.

Internal battery operating time is 3 hours.

Innovation light construction 1,1 kg or specjal carbon light 0,6 kg


Built-in visualization system with measurement database (can store many years of measurements),

Can by use with any tablet or laptop via WiFi or LAN interface,

Access to data from anywhere in the world via the cloud (built-in 3G/LTE modem)


Compatible with many drones – DJI, Tarot etc.



Polish Citi Police using SOWA Flying Laboratory in many cities to Combat Smog

Dedicated sensors: HCL, HCN, VOC, formaldehyde and Dust can be used for detection provide evidence of burning 

of low quality coal, scrap wood pieces, or even garbage.